10 Million Trees

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10 Million Trees

The 10 Million Trees is a nationwide community, established by Iván András Bojár in the summer of 2019. Their local communities operate in a growing number of places, small towns, villages, county towns, capital districts. They prepare, organize and carry out the planting of the trees and planting of forests. They are brought together by representatives, and the national organization of the 10 million Trees operates through their cooperation. From a professional point of view, the work is assisted by a central team of foresters, horticulturists and ecologists, but in many cases local communities also work with their own forester or gardener who is well aware of the specifics of their area. Their communities come together and organize their work in a central Facebook group and also in their local communities’ Facebook groups. The 10 Million Trees also have an English-speaking site and some local groups abroad.