AuREUS: Aurora Renewable Energy & UV Sequestration

AuREUS: Aurora Renewable Energy & UV Sequestration

Created by Carvey Ehren Maigue, Mapua University, the AuREUS system is a real evolution for walls and windows, and uses technology synthesized from upcycled crop waste to absorb stray UV light from sunlight and convert it to clean renewable electricity.

Both AuREUS devices (Borealis Solar Window and Astralis Solar Wall) uses the same technology derived from the phenomena that governs the beautiful Northern and Southern lights. High energy particles are absorbed by luminescent particles that re-emit them as visible light. Similar type of luminescent particles (derivable from certain fruits and vegetables) were suspended in a resin substrate and is used as the core technology on both devices. When hit by UV light, the particles absorb and re-emit visible light along the edges due to internal reflectance. PV cells are placed along the edges to capture the visible light emitted. The captured visible light are then converted to DC electricity. Regulating circuits will process the voltage output to allow battery charging, storage, or direct utilization of electricity. AuREUS can function even when not directly facing the sun, it can rely on UV scattering through clouds and by UV light bouncing along walls, pavements, other buildings. This will enable the construction of a Vertical Solar Farm even with a small lot area. This is highly applicable for skyscrapers in urban settings allowing access to clean renewable electricity.


The James Dyson Foundation