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Smart Environment

Energy from waste

100 kilometers north of Helsinki, Finland, in the city of Lahti, is the world’s first eco-gas fueled power plant. Lahti Energy’s new Kymijärvi II power plant runs on SRF that is gasified, cooled and cleaned before combustion. The plant produces 50 MW of electricity and 90 MW of district heat for the city of Lahti. It was officially inaugurated in May of 2012.
Eco-friendly – and eco-smart!


In line with the principle of reuse and recycling, MOL and the University of Pannon (Veszprém) have developed a new type of chemically stabilised rubber bitumen as a new type of road construction binder through years of research and development.

The product is of significant value to the national economy, as it is an environmentally friendly way of recycling used tyres in a value-creating way.
The main benefits of rubber bitumen are:

Biogas powered buses in Stockholm

Ten years ago, the Stockholm region set an ambitious target to run all land public transport on 100% fossil fuel-free fuel by 2025, but buses powered by ethanol and RME (rapeseed methyl ester) contain some percentage of fossil ingredients, therefore, the total number of buses will not be 100% fossil fuel free, as fossil components are needed to start the engine or enter the production process. However, buses that run on electricity, biogas or HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) will use 100% fossil fuel-free raw materials.

Naturcleaning environmentally friendly cleaning products

Cudy Future Ltd. has been producing cruelty-free, planet and skin-friendly cleaning and cosmetic products since 2010. The company’s goal is to create clean and healthy homes and work environments with the contribution of the products, while reducing its ecological footprint. To this end, products are manufactured in a ”green” way. The products are vegan and skin-friendly, and also hypoallergenic, and do not contain synthetic, corrosive substances. They biodegrade fast, and do not contain phosphate, chlorine, palm oil and parabens.

Furbify - computer equipment refurbishment

A vállalat prémium minőségű számítógépes berendezéseket újít fel és forgalmaz. Víziója, hogy „zöldítse” bolygónkat, megakadályozva az e-hulladék tömeges felhalmozódását. A vállalat küldetésének tekinti a felújított számítógépek népszerűsítését, azok minden előnyével együtt. Célja, hogy meghosszabbítsa a már legyártott termékek élettartamát, így akár többször újrahasznosíthatóak lesznek, ahelyett, hogy a hulladéklerakókban végeznék. A vállalat saját gyárában, szakképzett munkatársaival újítja fel az eszközöket.

PontVelem smart program

The most important goal of the ScoreWithMe Smart Program is to educate and raise awareness of sustainability among the younger generation. The focus of the program is on the selective collection of waste, with a special emphasis on the collection of used batteries, small accumulators and used mobile phones. The points earned through the collection can be managed by the students in the PontBank in the Financial Compass-BankWithMe program, and they learn about basic banking and financial concepts.

Christmas tree rental in Cheltenham

The company behind the idea is Cotswold Fir Forestry based in Shurdington, near Cheltenham. It was created in 2012 by the owners, Commercial Manager Craig Tennock and Horticultural Manager Paul Keene. They were looking for a more sustainable, cost effective and unique alternative to cut Christmas trees, as annually in the UK around 7 million cut Christmas trees sadly end up in landfill.