Zadar sea organ

Zadar sea organ

The town of Zadar, on the Dalmatian Adriatic coast, is known by its inhabitants as the "stone vessel", as it occupies a small elongated peninsula. In 2004, in view of the increasing tourist activity in Croatia, the Zadar Port Authority, with the support of the Municipality of Zadar, decided to renovate this stretch of the coast and turn it into a pier.

This task highlighted the need to create a promenade linking the town with the coast and the pier, the main attraction of it was the 72 m long sea organ integrated into the pavement.

The instrument is a series of polyethylene tubes of different diameters that collects and returns water to the sea with the changing force of the waves. Meanwhile, the air inside the tubes generates sound vibrations that cover a wide range of musical sounds as the diameter and length of the tubes vary.


Zadar Municipal Government
Zadar Port Authority