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Smart Living

Pécsike – bike sharing

Pécsike is one of the new innovations in Pécs, it opened its services for the public in June 19th of 2019.

The main goal of Pécsike is “that as many people as possible use the bikes as part of their daily life, thus reducing the air pollution, traffic jams and noise of the city. In addition, the main goal is to make this effective and environmentally-friendly alternative more popular among travellers in the city centre.”

Beekeeping in Audi Hungaria

The idea of beekeeping originated from AUDI AG, Audi Hungaria's parent company. In 2015, Audi Hungaria was in the midst of implementing its flora and fauna protection plan thus the beekeeping idea was in line with ongoing developments, and quickly taken up by management. 6 bee colonies with 270,000 bees were installed in September 2015. The bees produce 200-240 kilograms of honey each year, which is branded as Audi Hungaria Premium Honey, and gifted to visitors, as well as purchasable in the gift shop.

RiverEdge Smart Park

River Edge Park is a vibrant, year round concert venue located along the Fox River just blocks from downtown and the train station, which boasts a river walk, bike paths and a pier. The City has committed integrating the park's infrastructure with technology to better position city officials and staff to keep track of crowds, provide better security and monitor parking security and availability. The park includes smart solutions such as smart kiosks, smart parking (lot occupancy, dynamic pricing), video analytics (crowd counting), smart lighting and wifi locations.

Smart bench in the Alps

Courmayeur Municipality and Secure Mountain Foundation co-operated to provide a ‘Smart Bench’ which was airlifted to an elevation of 8,645 feet to a mountain refuge stone hut called “La Casemate”. The Smart Bench communicates data and information to citizens and tourists about trails, people traffic in the immediate area, along with critical environmental conditions. This data will be used to validate when municipal employees or Secure Mountain Foundation volunteers should be deployed to the stone hut during times of peak visitations.

Virtual Wellington

Virtual Wellington is a world first gamified VR city experience that allows people to immerse themselves in Wellington without getting on a plane. Available for free download on the Steam and Oculus VR stores, think of it as a modern-day destination brochure that showcases what Wellington has to offer in a uniquely Wellington way.

Mesés Hetés Greenway

Mesés Hetés Greenway is a thematic additional trail of Eurovelo13 – Iron Curtain Cycle Route in Western Transdanubian region of Hungary
Mesés Hetés Greenway aimed to map, preserve and utilize the valuable natural and cultural heritage and landscape of Hetés region across the Hungarian-Slovenian border.

CityApp - Kecskemét

CityApp is a mobile application that helps users get to know news, institutions, sports facilities, restaurants, shops and local business services of Kecskemét all in one place. The application is free to download for anyone, and even stores and businesses can upload their services for free. After logging in, they can select a category that fits their business and upload data, so it can be easily reachable for the users. 

CityApp - Tiszaújváros

The municipality of Tiszaújváros gives high priority to "Smart City" program, which contains several elements. For their implementation, many improvements have already been made, including the pilot installation of a smart crosswalk, a free electric car charging station and the installation of a green energy-efficient smart bench for cell phones, tablets, and free WiFi access. In the "Smart Life" program segment, an up-to-date application, CityApp, has been created to inform locals and visitors of  the city.