Platio solar- solar paver

Platio solar- solar paver

Innovatív Térburkolatfejlesztő Ltd. is a Hungarian green-tech start-up, the creator and manufacturer of the PLATIO solar paver. PLATIO is an innovative solar pavement that not only generates clean energy, but is also environmentally friendly. The product’s base is made out of recycled plastic, so this building material is twice as ecofriendly. PLATIO represents a new generation of aesthetically pleasing, spac- saving and green energy sources that can be installed in places where traditional solar panels cannot be used. Today, the company has 12 employees, who work in production, sales, marketing and development areas alike. Expansion is supported by a distribution network; currently they are working with 24 resellers.

PLATIO is a double environmentally friendly building material that produces clean energy as a renewable energy source, and its base is made of plastic waste that cannot be recycled elsewhere. The use of materials and a special manufacturing process results in a highly durable frame that can ensure trouble-free operation and installation of solar panels for decades. PLATIO considers it essential to participate in the circular economy. Therefore, its principles are applied at all points of production. This means that the product is designed to be 95% recyclable at the end of its life cycle. The company uses wooden containers in raw material supply, and takes the products back at the end of their life cycle and takes care of their recycling.