ABZ Drone -industrial drone solutions

ABZ Drone -industrial drone solutions

The company’s activities focus specifically on industrial drone solutions, covering research and development – including drone manufacturing – the domestic and European distribution of industrial drones and data processing software, servicing, and the organization and conducting of drone operator training sessions, and also the provision of services.

All of the firm’s products and services support the innovative, sustainable development of the industries concerned. Currently, there is a drone in its product range that is able to spray crops in a chemical and water saving way, all with precision technology. If we express it in quantitative terms: compared to conventional machines, the same result can be achieved with 50% less pesticides and 90% less water. With the involvement of monitoring drones, land treatment can be prepared, which, after processing the generated images, allows the creation of differentiated application plans, so that even spot treatments can be implemented either in ground or aerial plant protection.