Alteo - renewable energy production

Alteo - renewable energy production

ALTEO Plc. is a Hungarian-owned energy service and trading company with a modern perspective. The scope of its business activity covers renewables and natural gas-based energy production, energy trade and bespoke energy services and development for companies. ALTEO provides its customers with a reliable and environmentally responsible energy supply based on the sustainable use of renewable energy. The Group considers the domestic promotion of high-efficiency decentralized and renewables-based electricity generation to be its priority.

ALTEO’s main development path leads towards electricity production based on renewables and related services, e.g. constructing photovoltaic (PV) solar power plants, establishing battery-based energy storages, integrating them into the electricity system, carbon-free thermal energy production, operation and maintenance of hydropower, wind, solar and biogas energy plants, and also managing, controlling, scheduling of weather-dependent renewable energy sources, handling schedule deviations.