Solar roof tiles

Solar roof tiles

Of the various roofing materials, the production of concrete tiles is one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Concrete is made of four natural raw materials: limestone, river sand, water and iron oxide. Domestic production is a responsible step in itself, as the products have a much shorter journey thanks to inland transport, and therefore less impact on the environment.

The solar cells are integrated into the surface of the individual roof tiles in such a special way that their appearance and installation is almost identical to that of conventional roof tiles. All this is done in such a way that the original protective function of the roof is perfectly guaranteed over the entire roof surface.

The new generation of roof tiles can thus fulfil one more function in addition to the usual ones: it produces energy for the home's inhabitants, without compromises or sacrifices. Furthermore, roof tiles with ClimaControl surface treatment keep the air temperature behind the cover up to 10 degrees lower, so that the air conditioning system needs to be switched on less often. 

Generon's development of solar roof tiles is perhaps the biggest step forward for the environment, meeting families' electricity needs with clean energy without compromise. It is also an undisguised aim to start shaping attitudes in a direction that can make people even more aware of what they can do for their environment on an individual level.