ThalesNano Energy - environmentally frendly hydrogen production

ThalesNano Energy - environmentally frendly hydrogen production

ThalesNano Energy is a world leader in electrolyzer technologies that focuses on two main areas: green hydrogen generation and CO2 transformation to chemicals. The company believes in the principle that to catalyze industry to reduce their CO2 levels you have to incentivize them by implementing innovative profitable solutions. Its electrolyzer technology is already used in thousands of chemical companies on 6 continents.

Product Line 1. Conversion of CO2 to valuable products: The company takes purified waste CO2 and converts it to chemicals, such as CO, syngas, ethylene, methanol, or ethanol using renewable energy. These chemicals can then be sold or used to manufacture other products such as e-fuel, plastics, or wax to make the entire process profitable. The use of waste CO2 as a source in conjunction with renewable energy results in a reduction of carbon dioxide levels. For example, for every ton of CO generated an extra 1.2 tons of CO2 is removed from the environment. Product Line 2. High pressure capable (100 bar) hydrogen generators. Uses water as a hydrogen source. 100 bar capability reduces need for expensive compressor technology.