3D visualisation tool aids brownfield redevelopment in Norrköping

3D visualisation tool aids brownfield redevelopment in Norrköping

Norrköping, while had to face major challenges when the inner harbor was being transformed into an integrated part of the city with new homes, canals, baths and parks, developed a visualization tool giving professional and public stakeholders the possibility to see and interact with contaminations in a whole new way. The land to be renewed is among the most polluted in the country and the rehabilitation measures are estimated to cost up to SEK 450 million.

The visualization tool called Earth Autopsy launched in December 2017. In the EU project Baltic Urban Lab and with the newly developed Earth Autopsy tool, Norrköping's Municipality unites drones, georadar and drill samples with technologies commonly used in medical visualization and exhibition technology at the world's major science centres, into an exciting interactive application accessible to the public.

Norrköping has after a few months use defiantly experienced the potential in the technique both regarding dialogue and communication with citizens as well as in professional arrangements and project meetings.  The tool has eased up the dialogue and provided a good communications platform as well as raised awareness for pollutions. 

Further neighboring professions such as archeology and geotechnical surveys has after seen the Earth autopsy tool expressed the need for visualizing content underground. Further steps will be taken to improve the software so it also can be used in such occasions.