Robot courier

Robot courier

The City of Tallinn has signed an agreement with robotic courier company Cleveron Mobility to provide unmanned parcel delivery services in the Old Town.

Cleveron Mobility is developing the multifunctional unmanned vehicles named Clevon 1, which aims to make the delivery of goods more environmentally and customer friendly as well as faster and cheaper. The robotic courier claims to provide a noise-free parcel delivery service, while ensuring pedestrian safety.

Deputy mayor Tanel Kiik said the City is entering into a cooperation agreement for two months, during which time a pilot project will be carried out to gain experience and see if the use of robotic couriers in the Old Town justifies itself.

Under the cooperation agreement, the city will allow Clevon to use robot couriers to deliver goods to institutions and businesses in the pedestrian area of Tallinn’s Old Town. As the robotic couriers are remote-controlled vehicles and there is not yet enough data on their use in heavy traffic, Clevon’s robotic couriers will be allowed to operate outside the service hours of the Old Town, for example. between 6am to 10am. Clevon undertakes to comply with traffic law requirements and to use no more than one robot courier at a time.
The dimensions of Clevon 1 are 1.15m (width), 1.55m (height) and 2.5m (length) and it weighs 500kg. To ensure the safety of other road users, including pedestrians, the machine is equipped with six cameras that provide a 360-degree view of the vehicle.