Egypt's “New Administrative Capital”

Egypt's “New Administrative Capital”

In Egypt, a huge “New Administrative Capital” is being built, approximately 45km (28 miles) to the east of Cairo, mainly because the already overcrowded capital’s 22-million population is expected to double by 2050. The New Administrative Capital is expected to house embassies, government agencies, the parliament, 30 ministries, a spiralling presidential compound and some 6.5 million people when completed.

The new capital is developed with the strategic vision for a smart city integrating its smart infrastructure to provide many services to citizens:

  • smart traffic: well designed streets with smart monitoring of traffic congestions and accidents
  • smart utilities: management and operation of electricity, gas and water to reduce consumption and cost
  • safe city: covering all parts of the city with CCTV cameras and control sensors integrated to the city control center
  • smart buildings: buildings automatically identify the most effective ways to save resources and provide healthy environment
  • smart energy management: focusing on renewable energy for a green environment, while using IoT to save power consumption
  • connected city: Building optical fiber infrastructure connecting every building using FTTX technology.