Printed adobe yurt

Printed adobe yurt

The fire juggler couple, Krisztina and Krisztián, have chosen eco-architecture as the reason for starting their 3D adobe house printing project. Social responsibility and sustainability led them to self-sufficiency, of which eco-architecture is a part. 

The couple started to take a more serious interest in 3D printing when they started to use new materials, not just concrete. The ecological footprint of adobe is very small, and under ideal conditions it can be worked largely from subsoil, which does not need to be transported. 

The 3D printer is manufactured by an Italian company and is currently still an experimental technology. So far, the printer has been sold mainly to universities, and only to the couple as part of a research and development collaboration. So far, no 3D-printed adobe house has been built in the world, so they are pioneers in the field. In the first trial run, they printed a chicken coop, which turned out to be a building 3 metres in diameter and 2.1 metres high.