"Let's return the rivers to the city"

"Let's return the rivers to the city"

In 2019, the public initiative "Give the rivers back to the cities" united citizens around the Podborenka River, which flows through the entire length of Izhevsk. 

In an urbanised environment, the Podborenka River has become deserted due to water pollution, poor stormwater management, pollution from roads and industry, soil erosion and landfills in the valleys. Therefore, the primary objective of the project is to increase urban resource efficiency and to create new scenarios for resource use in a small river basin. 

The implementation of the project will contribute to improving the ecological situation of the Podborenka river, the riverbed and its biodiversity. In addition, the project promoters have paid special attention to educating young people, developing voluntary movements and raising the level of ecological culture among the population.