Sunimplant: an avant-garde hemp building

Sunimplant: an avant-garde hemp building

The Sunimplant project participated in the latest edition of the Solar Decathlon, which was held for the first time in Africa. The international competition, which takes place every two years, challenges teams including students to develop highly efficient and innovative buildings that run solely on solar energy. 

Sunimplant aims to be truly sustainable and therefore not only uses technology to address higher energy efficiency requirements and climate emergency demands, but also considers the health of habitats using remediation knowledge. 

The modular, off-grid hemp house was inspired by the needs of remote regions such as the Central Rift in Morocco. The spherical building envelope made of hemp fibre and biocomposite integrates frameless PV technology consisting of crystalline silicon cells, the most efficient on the market, with performance optimised by an insulating substrate. Vacuum-injected panels are solubilised with the highest percentage of plant-based resins, which exhibit increased UV resistance compared to synthetic resins.