MOL Limo car sharing

MOL Limo

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MOL Limo car sharing

MOL Limo is a car rental service, when in our case, after following the registration you can book a car thorugh an app 0-24 during the day. Service area is in the Inner districts of Budapest in Limo zone. They had 300 vehicles at the time of the launch. The number of cars available in a very moment can differ from this, as cars already booked won't show in the app. At the moment, they offer 100 Volkswagen eUp!s (these are the electric ones) and 200 gas-powered Volkswagen Up!s cars. Anyone can use this service over 18 who possesses a valid category B driver's licence for at least a year and registers him or herself. And downloads the app, that is necessary, for sure. The service is per minute based, which includes all costs.