KÉK - Contemporary Architecture Centre

KÉK - Contemporary Architecture Centre

KÉK is an independent architectural cultural centre operated by young Hungarian architects, artists and civilians. The centre aims to open new perspectives in architectural and urban thinking in Hungary through its fresh, provoking and focused programs, relevant also in international context. This organization is currently the only internationally acknowledged professional platform representing contemporary architecture in Hungary. The activities of KÉK receive intensive local and international attention and acknowledgement. Since its foundation in 2006 almost 500 events have been organized, including Hungarian and international exhibitions, conferences, architecture tours and festivals, attracting over 400 000 visitors. KÉK also collects data on the Hungarian architectural scenery for international architecture databases, and participates in Hungarian educational program as well. KÉK has built an extensive international network of partner organisations, such as the DAZ - Deutsches Architektur Zentrum, AzW-Architektur Zentrum Wien and CCEA-Center for Central European Architecture Prague


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