Data-based production support solutions in the breeding of dairy cattle

A mikroklíma mérés egyik fő célja, hogy segítse a gazdálkodókat  az  állatokat  érő  hőstressz  előrejelzésében, hatásainak  kezelésében és a  mögöttes összefüggések megértésében. A hőstressz nyomán fellépő tejveszteség ugyanis egyre nagyobb gazdasági kiesést okoz a termelőknek.  Az  elmúlt  évtizedekben  hazánkban is sokat romlott a helyzet, amelynek egyik oka a klímaváltozás. A  termelő teheneket  körülvevő mikroklíma  adatainak összegyűjtésére, feldolgozására és értelmezésére a Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem (BME), a Holstein Genetika  Kft.


Mass bee deaths are a huge harm, making predictions can help the prevention or the mitigation of the damage.The sensors and NB IoT network units mean a huge opportunity for beekeepers, beacuse they usually live far from their hives, and even their hive colonies ar far from each other. The sensors and IoT network make easier to follow the state of the hives.

Association of Rural Initiatives of Catalonia

The Association of Rural Initiatives of Catalonia (Associació d’iniciatives Rurals de Catalunya) is the regional network for rural development in Catalonia. It provides assistance and represents the 12 Catalan Local Action Groups (LAG).
The network was born in 2010 with the aim to broadcast the activities developed by the LAGs and support them to achieve their mission: stimulate rural and coastal areas by facilitating new projects and opportunities for their inhabitants.


Supported by the University of Lyon, the cluster of IMU brings together almost 535 researchers (from 31 laboratories) as well as many communities and business partners. The LabEx IMU contributes to making the Lyon Saint-Etienne metropolis ne of the leading scientific clusters in France and Europe on issues related to cities and urban environments. It makes its resources available to political, economic and social players who are thinking about and designing the city of tomorrow.

Komlóska, the ecovillage

Due to historical, political and economic difficulties in living, a large part of the working population has moved out of the village. In 2008 the mayor introduced the concept that most of the municipal taxes would be released if a business moved its headquarters to Komlóska. Thus, businesses that moved to Komlóska were exempt from business, construction, tourism and communal taxes, basicly they have created a tax haven for businesses. The program works for both entrepreneurs and the municipality.

IEEE Smart Village

IEEE Smart Village (ISV) has a unique approach to support the world’s energy-impoverished communities by providing a comprehensive solution combining renewable energy, community-based education, and entrepreneurial opportunities. ISV provides seed-funding to carefully selected community entrepreneurs based upon a credible business plan that will impact significant number of people with electricity, education and jobs. The Foundation had and still has successful projects from Nigera through Himalaya to Galapagos.

Riihimäki, the Capital of Robotics

The town of Riihimäki bases its strategy on robotics for developing an attractive business environment. Since robotics has been selected as the strategic focus area for the town, the authorities are committed to long-term development and implementation of robotics in a wide range of life and working environments. To ensure implementation, it is necessary to have an open atmosphere so that stakeholders, including citizens, business actors and town authorities, can participate in robotics development and innovation activities.