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Smart Economy


Since its foundation in 2008, EN-CO Software Ltd. has grown into a company with a staff of 140 people, designing and delivering a full palette of unique and personalised software solutions. It believes that providing quality service to partners is the key to success. EN-CO Software Ltd. is engaged in the design, development and implementation of custom software as well as the management of integrated systems. Since 2020, the company has placed increased emphasis on the development of proprietary products, with PigBrother as one of its most successful projects to date.

Foodhub local food network

Foodhub.hu reconnects small-scale farmers directly with businesses looking for local, high-quality fresh ingredients, be they restaurants, farmer’s markets or food retailers. The company is on the mission to solve inefficiencies in the local food distribution by providing the tools and knowledge to develop a resilient local food economy. It supports small-scale producers with demand-driven advisory services while providing chefs and consumers with on-demand access to quality products.


Perth – Smart City Program

The first step in the rollout of the City of Perth’s new smart city innovation program has been achieved with the award of three tenders. The City was successful in securing a matched funding grant worth $1.3million from the Australian Government, through the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program. This will see ground work commence on technology development and installation of hardware for four projects - Smart Precinct, Smart Irrigation, Smart Sustainability and Data Hub.

Munch.hu - a platform against food waste

Munch.hu is a platform where restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, hotels and other stores can sell their surplus food. The aim of Munch.hu is to fight against food waste. The platform is accessible from the browser and via the phone application. The app is constantly being developed based on feedback to make it as easy to use as possible. Customers can order Munches (packages) that contain surprise food. These packages can be purchased at a 40-70% discount.

Coral Gables - Smart Districts

The Coral Gables Smart Districts project implements several interconnected and interoperable elements that include a Smart City Hub public platform ( www.coralgables.com/smartcity ), a Data Marketplace, an Application Store, Transparency Portals, a Community Intelligence Center; Data Platforms, Internet of Things, and a robust and resilient technology infrastructure with high-speed communications.

Curiosity Lab

Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners is a publicly funded living lab designed to provide a real world test environment to advance next generation intelligent mobility and smart city technology.

Located within a 500 acre technology park where 7500 people work and more than 1000 people live, Curiosity Lab provides unique infrastructure and a supportive government to facilitate innovation.

Early stage startups, universities and established companies are all welcome to join their innovation ecosystem.

Future Proof Program

COVID-19 forced businesses across Ontario to close their doors this spring and many are looking for new and creative ways to attract business. With Future Proof, Digital Main Street aims to expand their support and create lasting change for small businesses across Ontario through three initiatives called Transformation Teams, the Digital Main Street Lab and the Community Collaboration Project.

Blue Gate Antwerp

Blue Gate Antwerp is being developed into a water-linked eco-effective industrial park. With this site, the City of Antwerp and the Flemish Region want to attract innovative businesses – both domestic and international – marking a new milestone for Antwerp in its innovative history.