Serious game research

Serious game research

Research: To materialize Smart Projects in the city, involving residents is a crucial development, as we need to work together to build a Smarter City. Residents are often oblivious to the wide range of technological measures that can be undertaken to save both costs and environment; as well as the positive impact that they can exert in their neighbourhood. The game's purpose: The purpose of the game is to show residents the Smart Solutions already in existence, and to increase the number of bottom-up initiatives. We do this by offering residents a platform on which to exchange, cultivate and realize ideas. The game consists of both online and offline components, giving as many people as possible the opportunity to contribute and contemplate the future of their city. By enabling residents to share smart stories of the past, present and future, it becomes possible to work constructively on personally relevant projects. How does it work? By using the tree as a metaphor in which stories of the past are represented by the "roots" of the tree, stories are given structure and the tree grows to represent residents' collective vision on the smart city. This is valuable information for companies, because of the constant feedback from their target group. This also provides valuable information for residents, because it becomes easier to find likeminded people to improve their neighbourhood.


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