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Smart People

Community Mapping

Community mapping allows citizens to highlight the parts of their environment of interest or concern them.Community maps are built from local knowledge, experience and expertise but they are more than data gathering. The process of discovering the obvious, hidden and potential assets in a community opens possibilities. Mapping is a valuable digital development and empowerment tool.

Library Parks

During the 1990s, Medellín was globally perceived as one of the most dangerous and violent cities in the world. Since then, the city has transformed socially, economically, and culturally. Library Parks aim to address Medellín’s inequality.  Fundamentally,  the  facilities are designed  to  get people, particularly youth,  off the streets.

Urban Farming and Gardening

The city of Vienna supports neighborhood and community gardens under the motto “gardening together” and thus creates a framework that facilitates access to nature for residents of the city. The citizens of Vienna are increasingly taking up their garden implements and creating little gems of communal, self-determined urban cultivation. Under the banners of “urban farming” and “urban gardening” a framework is being created that promotes closeness to nature within the city and self-initiatives.

Wien Gestalten

Be it volunteering projects for children and teens, designing community gardens, parks, roads or squares, the development of boroughs, or even “private” district initiative projects by “Lokale Agenda 21” or urban renewal and neighbourhood management – in total, over 300 projects and dozens of events every month are included in Vienna’s Volunteering Database and constantly updated. To simplify the process, current volunteering events in Vienna are also communicated via facebook and twitter.


The Seniortab is a device, which helps seniors to easily access the online world. Like everyone else, they should be able to communicate, inform themselves and entertain themselves on the internet. About 800 000 persons above 65 are not yet online in Austria, and for those who are, it is getting harder and harder. Therefor a user-friendly and application was developed and rounded out with an intuitive interface. The application is specifically designed for elderly people: it is easy to handle and you can shut down the app with just one click.

Bliive time bank

Bliive is a collaborative social network for time exchange – using time as currency for the exchange of services and experiences. Over 45,000 people are currently using the network in 80 countries. Having recently moved to the UK as part of Sirius Programme, the free platform hopes to make London’s inhabitants use their time wisely, in a collaborative way – giving people the chance to learn and teach new things without having to spend money.

Taipei e-Campus digital learning network

Taipei e-Campus program brings together a wide range of flexible self-learning channels. There are uploaded homemade lessons, order-made courses, online materials in which more than 700 certificated trainings are. They established a platform within the program through which users can share knowledge and experiences  with one another. The program operates with a high number of employees and users and with a considerable success.

Curatr (digital community educational platform)

The brains behind Curatr are the award-winning learning technology innovators, HT2 – the same team who created the open source learning record store (LRS), Learning Locker. The Curatr platform originated via a PhD project by CEO Ben Betts, and the philosophy of developing learning solutions based on empirical research is still very much at the core of the business. Our team of Curatr and social learning experts provide training and support to HT2’s Curatr clients and the Curatr Partner Network, as well as managing the Curatr Community Help Centre.

Moodle (digital education platform)

Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments. You can download the software onto your own web server or ask one of our knowledgable Moodle Partners to assist you. Moodle is built by the Moodle project which is led and coordinated by Moodle HQ, an Australian company of 30 developers which is financially supported by a network of over 60 Moodle Partner service companies worldwide.