Civitas Time Bank

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Civitas Time Bank

Civitas Foundation for Civil Society started the project "To receive is joy - To give is love" - Setting the Time Bank - a network of voluntary mutual aid financed by the amount of 72,391.80 euros by EEA grants from 2009 to 2014, under the NGOs in Romania, involvement component. The project is in a period of 23 months and has the overall objective of citizens active involvement in community life through voluntary actions in Udvarhely region. They started a website in 2015. Until then 48 community meetings has held to find out people's opinions and suggestions about Time’s Bank System. Using 500 forms has been discovered 308 kind of offers and 369 kind of needs Also, have been signed 10 collaboration contracts with Time Brokers. All of them has been trained and they received one tablet each. Creating Time’s Bank System aims to build communities for tasks and services exchange with a mutual helping purpose.


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