The Seniortab is a device, which helps seniors to easily access the online world. Like everyone else, they should be able to communicate, inform themselves and entertain themselves on the internet. About 800 000 persons above 65 are not yet online in Austria, and for those who are, it is getting harder and harder. Therefor a user-friendly and application was developed and rounded out with an intuitive interface. The application is specifically designed for elderly people: it is easy to handle and you can shut down the app with just one click. The current applications are the basis for further developments such as payment solutions, digital content for seniors as well as services and products related to care and nursing. The software is independent from the platform and the hardware it is running on. Therefor it is suitable for cooperation with telecommunications companies. Cloud services, telephony, connectivity, management, maintenance as well as distribution and marketing resources transform the software into a package solution.


SeniorPad Entwicklungs-KG