Smart Lamppost

Smart Lamppost

The first intelligent lamppost developed in Hungary combines five systems and functions. Based on the infarstructure of ELMÜ-ÉMÁSZ, the smart electric car charger has an output of 22 kWs (3x32 A), and is compatible with the e-kWh application of the company. Importantly, this is the first time in Hungary when an electric car charger is built into an existing lamppost, available to e-drivers 24 hours a day. The unit includes free WiFi connection serving up to 200 users in a 180m range area. The safety camera installed on the post is the 50. surveillance device of the district, also including  an emergency button providing connection to the police for the safety of locals and passersby. Lighting functions are serviced by energy efficient LED sources. Since the lamppost is modular, it can be customized, integrating extra system elements as required. 


ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Company Group, T-Systems Hungary, BDK Ltd., Hofeka Ltd.