Longyan Smart Hospital: Secure, Efficient and Green

Longyan Smart Hospital: Secure, Efficient and Green

Aiming to be the model hospital in Fujian province, Longyan People Hospital plans to build a "digital hospital" in its new building, providing mobile ward rounds, desktop cloud, and Hospital Information System (HIS) cloud, as well as service level disaster recovery with the old building · Need to migrate the existing applications, such as HIS, Laboratory Information System (LIS), Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), and resident health system, to the new building to achieve desktop cloud · Deploy two data centers: production data center in the new building and disaster recovery data center in the old building for remote disaster discovery and backup. Deploy cloud platform, disaster discovery system, and backup system in the two data centers, respectively. Integrated services using cloud computing technology greatly reduces total cost of operation (TCO). Improved consultation efficiency due to the digital hospital enabled by virtualization and disaster recovery technologies.


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