City Data Exchange in Copenhagen

City Data Exchange in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark, is aggressively moving towards becoming a smart, carbon-neutral city by 2025. To achieve this goal, the city is initiating smart city programs such as smart lighting, sensor-based traffic management, intelligent building management and more. Up to now, data from individual smart city initiatives has been kept in silos. Copenhagen and Hitachi have joined forces to launch an integrated data service to eliminate these silos.
The vision of this collaboration is to create a shared data hub to foster innovation and inspire new thinking that will improve the quality of life in the Copenhagen area, stimulate business activity, and help to achieve Copenhagen’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2025. This solution establishes a citywide data marketplace, City Data Exchange, for data owned by public authorities and private companies.
The City Data Exchange is a software-as-a-service solution that will allow for the sale, purchase and sharing of a wide variety of data from multiple sources among all types of users in a city – citizens, city government, businesses.


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