National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT)

National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT)

Hungary's new e-health system is the National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT), to which on November 1st 2017, general practitioners, inpatient and inpatient care institutions, and all pharmacies joined. In today's world, digitalization is almost every aspect of life. The goal of the National eHealth Infrastructure system is to provide the population with faster, more efficient and service-oriented care. The key to this is the ongoing relationship between supplying institutions, physicians and pharmacies, so that information is unified and accessible to all eligible participants. Doctors and pharmacists continue to use the same computer systems in their work as before, so they do not have to familiarize themselves with a new program, therefore the course of care does not take more time than before. In the pharmacy, pharmacists can only see the products you have prescribed, those that you have previously induced or forgot to replace. Hence, pharmacists can more easily advise you about which products you should not take at the same time, or remind you not to forget about replacing your medicine.


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