Brainwave detection and concentration training

Brainwave detection and concentration training

 In order to train users’ concentration ability so to enhance exercise quality and athletic efficiency in sport training, Neihu Sports Center introduced “brainwave detection and concentration training.” This solution was invented by Alchemy Technology, hoping the use of brainwave detection can soothe the user's emotions and improve athletic performance.
The training method of brainwave feedback will find out a faster and more efficient learning process With a theory of brainwave feedback, human can acquire a certain degree of living quality improvement and pressure relief for the good of mental and body health. Users can achieve real relaxation and training effect because they can control emotion and concentrate mind in a short period of time.
At the same time, using the brainwave audio frequency theory to tailor-make music and create a brainwave music therapy system can achieve the best state of mental resonance and body movement.


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