Exploring Dadaocheng using AR/VR

Exploring Dadaocheng using AR/VR

Taipei City Government co-worked with TAVAR and Chiang Wei-Shui Cultural Foundation to reproduce the scenery of 1920’s Taipei Dadaocheng district with virtual reality, augmented reality and other latest 3D experience technologies. The program gives audiences an understanding of Dadaocheng history. It uses innovative technologies to fuse with historical humanistic materials in order to allowing the audiences to approach and understand the contemporary background.
With the urban renewal and commercial development, many historic buildings have been demolished or altered. Tourists can only visit the Dadaocheng’s and imagine the glory by word descriptions. And AR/VR or 3D experience technologies are one of the best solutions for this kind of problem. AR/VR has recently been widely used in various fields. When they are combined with hardware machines or devices, users can interact with the virtual time and space under a real-life atmosphere.


Taipei City Government
Taiwan Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality (TAVAR)
Chiang Wei-Shui Cultural Foundation