UAV application to establish urban disaster communication and redundancy platform

UAV application to establish urban disaster communication and redundancy platform

An earthquake in Kaohsiung, Meinong district caused the collapse of the Tainan Wei-Kung building. It caused flooding because of the water pipe rupture and made the rescue become difficult. Typhoon Meranti brought heavy rains to the southern Taiwan, resulting in part of the mountain road collapsed and it leaded to inability of sending the rescue team to the affected area timely. When a disaster happens, the communication channels of the disaster area are often damaged; the joint routes are blocked, and wireless communication facilities are failure. In this difficult time, a rapid communication channel that connect the victims, disaster relief workers and government organizations will significantly reduce casualties and losses.
In response to technological advances, disaster prevention, of course, can not only depend on updating the rescue equipment. The Department of Information Technology of Taipei City Government united the Fire Department, and Parks and Street Lights Office of Public Works Department to test UAV application in Taipei City empirical fields with existing IT technologies. It is an urban communication recovery platform that allows rescue personnel to carry a video transmission system into disaster area at early time. It allows victims to send out messages or upload videos through the communication equipment on the UAV to report the situation of disaster area to a disaster information platform. So that the front-line rescue workers can respond to the status quo, decide the priorities of the rescue and accelerate the rescue.


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