SzolnokApp is a new mobile application developed by Szolnok Municipality.
In addition to orientation, reading programs and news, the application is also capable of reporting bugs and city management problems. The application requires internet access and location. Part of the Szolnok application is the "City Guard" application, which aims to involve citizens in the care of local areas. The app allows residents to easily report bugs in the public spaces, helping to maintain the beauty of the cityscape. The application is submitted to the competent department of the Mayor's Office.
When you launch the application, you must provide your name and contact information.
Reportable errors include:
- road, cycle path;
- playground;
- green area;
- street cleanliness;
- street furniture;
- channel;
- other error.

When reporting, the app uses the phone's GPS to record the location of the error. The report may be accompanied by a picture and description, which will facilitate the work of the agents in identifying the error.


Szolnok Municipality