Budafok-Tétény - Faultreporting app

Budafok-Tétény - Faultreporting app

The purpose of Budafok-Tétény's mobile app is to engage citizens in the care of local areas and increase satisfaction. With this app, district residents can easily report bugs in the public spaces. The announcement goes straight to the mayor's office and users can track the progress of their announcements: they are automatically notified when the announcement changes. Resolved notifications can be seen by everyone. Registration is not required to use the application and to report, however, only registered users are eligible to receive postcode district information.
It is important that the application is only for reporting errors in public areas.
If a reported faults are not within the district jurisdiction, they will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities and, once resolved, the reporter will be notified that the problem has been resolved.


Budafok-Tétény Municipality


Budapest-XXII. district