SpotNzoom intelligent camera system


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SpotNzoom intelligent camera system

The intelligent SportNzoom surveillance system in Budapest at Buda Castle was installed at the most highlighted points of the district for increasing traffic safety and to help preserving the built environment by enforcing to keep traffic rules.
A 150 m long section of the road is covered by five Box and PTZ camera pairs in Lanchid Street providing recordings sufficient for license plate recognition, while on Szentháromság Square, two pairs of cameras do the work for the whole area.
The system automatically recognizes all traffic violations that have been previously set up – prohibited parking, crossing barrage line, prohibited turning – traffic violations, and takes high-resolution recordings of all traffic violators even from 30 m of distance by turning and zooming the PTZ camera automatically.  The system compiles a report about all recognized traffic offenses including the type and time of the offense, image and video documentation, and license plate number. The reports are handled by operators at the local government.


Dolphio Technologies Ltd., Budavar Local Government


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