Megyer, the village for rent

Megyer, the village for rent

The mayor of Megyer (the smallest village in Hungary) had an innovative idea to save the village from disappearing by renting the„whole” village for about 670 EUR/day, one can get control over 7 guesthouses, the town hall, the local stables, the animals, a classroom, a canteen, the farmlands.The tenant can also become deputy mayor and rename the streets. Runs as a cooperative(the owners of the cottages as members) and giving job to 8 more people. For developing the the turism even more, the village has bene digitized, they collected the story of 8 buildings and 15 old tools, in order to inform the tourists. In addition to the usual village demonstration, the users can have a glance at the life of the ex-owners of the buildings.


Municipality of Megyer