Development of the village of Baksa

Development of the village of Baksa

Baksa is a village in Baranya County lived by 860 people. The Municipality actively works on boosting the village and its facilities.
In order of safe transport a traffic slower lane and surveillance cameras were installed. At several points in the village, there is a different surveillance system, for example in the center of a large intersection.
In addition, in a comprehensive public lighting program, old lamps were replaced with LED lamps everywhere. There are two smart benches at the two ends of the village. The smart bench is also a Wi-Fi hotspot and a charger for laptops and mobile phones. The municipal building was renovated, the roof has been redone, the building has been insulated and solar panels have been installed.
They have set up a monitoring system for their pensioners. A signaling system via satellite connection can provide the necessary information where needed.


Municipality of Baksa