EQRNet - earthquake sensor

EQRNet - earthquake sensor

Canterbury Seismic Instruments Ltd (CSI) have created an affordable model that encourages uptake by lease holders, facility managers, engineers, building owners, Civil Defence and Emergency Management, homeowners, and the public to safeguard people and assets – and the ability to provide a wealth of valuable data for industry development and academic research.
A 10-sensor trial of EQRNet was installed in November 2017 demonstrating the variability in earthquake source proximity, direction, and local ground conditions means that earthquake shaking levels across a city like Christchurch are hugely variable.
The existing GeoNet stations are an important tool for measuring earthquake shaking, but they are too few and at too greater spacing to provide an accurate city-wide shaking map.
The first implementation phase provides a dense seismic network with more than 150 sensors across Christchurch combined with best-practice engineering processes to manage our earthquake response in real-time – safeguarding communities, employees, and our many assets above and below ground.


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