Library Parks

Library Parks

During the 1990s, Medellín was globally perceived as one of the most dangerous and violent cities in the world. Since then, the city has transformed socially, economically, and culturally. Library Parks aim to address Medellín’s inequality.  Fundamentally,  the  facilities are designed  to  get people, particularly youth,  off the streets. They succeed in attracting young people by showing films, staging  exhibitions  and  theatre  productions,   and  giving  local  talent the chance  to  perform.  These opportunities,  in turn,  raise self-esteem, participation and creativity. In addition to typical library services, most Library Parks comprise auditoriums, workshops, playrooms, sports facilities and computer rooms. Youth and adult literacy programmes are also offered to boost the  community’s  literacy  and  numeracy  skills,  including  digital  literacy. The city currently has 10 Library Parks.


Municipality of Medellín