Mass bee deaths are a huge harm, making predictions can help the prevention or the mitigation of the damage.The sensors and NB IoT network units mean a huge opportunity for beekeepers, beacuse they usually live far from their hives, and even their hive colonies ar far from each other. The sensors and IoT network make easier to follow the state of the hives.
The NBIoT has multiple sensors, like temperature, humidity, severe, vibration. It sends the measurements for beekeepers with the help of a new standardized mobile phone network, and the beekepers get data on an easily manageable mobile application. This way, the professional is constantly informed of the condition of the hive, the malfunctions, the application also sends an alarm when it is time to intervene.
The biggest breakthrough in implementation was vibration detection. The various biological vibrations of bees provide an overview of their condition and activity. To stop today's massive bee mortality, we need to set up a system to detect the disease in time and intervene before an epidemic develops. We can collect the right amount of data from the hives and in a cloud in real time when we can analyze it.


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