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Smart Economy

Data-based production support solutions in the breeding of dairy cattle

A mikroklíma mérés egyik fő célja, hogy segítse a gazdálkodókat  az  állatokat  érő  hőstressz  előrejelzésében, hatásainak  kezelésében és a  mögöttes összefüggések megértésében. A hőstressz nyomán fellépő tejveszteség ugyanis egyre nagyobb gazdasági kiesést okoz a termelőknek.  Az  elmúlt  évtizedekben  hazánkban is sokat romlott a helyzet, amelynek egyik oka a klímaváltozás. A  termelő teheneket  körülvevő mikroklíma  adatainak összegyűjtésére, feldolgozására és értelmezésére a Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem (BME), a Holstein Genetika  Kft.


Mass bee deaths are a huge harm, making predictions can help the prevention or the mitigation of the damage.The sensors and NB IoT network units mean a huge opportunity for beekeepers, beacuse they usually live far from their hives, and even their hive colonies ar far from each other. The sensors and IoT network make easier to follow the state of the hives.

Alliance Center

The Alliance Center is a multi-faceted nonprofit with an event and collaborative working space, located in the heart of Denver. They convene and mobilize our network of non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, government agencies, academic institutions and community members to collaboratively create sustainability-focused solutions. They are explorers and innovators—working at the leading edge of sustainability to support a healthy planet, a strong democracy, and a thriving economy. The Alliance Center does not work alone.They create solutions through the strength of partnerships.

climate Fieldview

With FieldView users can make data driven decisions to maximize their return on every acre. As a data partner, FieldView seamlessly collect, store, and visualize critical field data, monitor and measure the impact of the agronomic decisions on crop performance, and manage the users field variability by building customized fertility and seeding plans for your fields to optimize yield and maximize profit.

Denver Urbanism

DenverUrbanism provides news, ideas, and commentary about urbanism in Denver and advocates a progressive pro-urban agenda for the Mile High City. DenverUrbanism was launched in late 2010 as a companion blog to the DenverInfill website and blog created in 2004 by Ken Schroeppel, an urban planner who lives and works in Downtown Denver (see the Contributors page for Ken’s bio).

Denver Office of Sustainability

The 2020 goal was set in 2013 by the Denver Office of Sustainability. City officials have been working on sustainability goals for many years now, including reducing emissions by 80 percent by 2050, fuel switching, 2020 sustainability goals, innovative public-private partnerships, benchmarking and increased transparency between the city and the public. Though the city must take decisive action and show leadership in these topics, the public needs to know how they can help on an individual level. Goals were set by separating government and community goals into efficiency.

Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority Sustainable Developments

On December 12, 2016, the Port of Cleveland's Board of Directors approved a resolution adopting an Updated Strategic Plan for 2017-2022. The Port fosters job creation and economic vitality in Greater Cleveland. Our maritime services and assets add value and result in a competitive advantage for regional firms competing globally.  The Port also tackles challenges tied directly to jobs, quality of place, and environmental sustainability through innovative development financing services and selective public investments in critical harbor projects.

Location Analytics for Business

Mapidea is a self-service Enterprise Location Intelligence software built around the power of simplicity and speed, providing all organization's business users with a single tool to easily access and analyze geospatial data using GeoMarketing and Location Analytics. Their platform transforms businesses by democratizing the access of Marketing, Sales, Management, Retail, Operations and Infra-structure teams to the power of Location Intelligence.


SmartATL is a consortium of technology companies and startups, state and city governments, and knowledge centers in metro Atlanta. Using applied information based on data collection, interaction, analytics and advanced simulation modeling, the group provides smart corridor connected-vehicle infrastructure which promotes the safe and efficient flow of transit and improving emergency responses.