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Smart Mobility

Protheus project

The aim of the „Protheus Project” is to build up a sustainable e-mobility system, produce renewable electricity, and store that energy for the use by the city of Paks and the surrounding Municipalities. The projects’ main goal is the creation of a healthier, more energy-efficient and inhabitant friendlier city. The projects are: charger infrasutcutre, driver qualification, e-move ticket and pass, electric bike and roller system, electric buses and cars/taxis, energy distribution, energy storage, home solar cells, Paks card, smart garage, Solar cell park and transporting application.

Velobike - Moscow

Velobike is a convenient, environmentally friendly and automated urban transport. A bikesharing service which helps Muscovites and guests to explore the city, go on picnics and go on business. Velobike is convenient for short term transport, the regular customers ride bicycles from home to the metro and from the metro to work. Velobike is an alternative to a car and public transport.


Cargonomia is a low-tech logistic center providing solutions for the transport of goods, in particular healthy and locally produced food in Budapest. It also a place to try out, rent and/or buy several types of cargobikes to solve your own transport needs. Cargonomia is a collection hub and distribution point for locally produced and organic food provided by partners. It aids in connecting producers to consumers directly by offering a community space for picking up goods while also making direct deliveries with the ease of cargo bike.


Gohio Commute

Gohio Commute, a program of the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA), is the premier ride planning, matching, and logging tool available for free to anyone who lives, works, or attends school in Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, and Medina Counties. This interactive platform gives you the information you need to make smart choices – and save money, improve your health, and improve air quality. You can also connect with nearby commuters to share your ride.

Action Program Smart Mobility - Amsterdam

The goals of  the action of Smart Mobility of Amsterdam is improving the safety, accessibility, quality of life and attractiveness of the city. Goals for the action program specifically:

1. Get insights in (technological) developments and innovations in the field of mobility and its impact on the city.

2. Anticipate on technological innovations and use these to reach the goals.

3. Stimulate and accelerate innovation in the city.

4. Strengthen cooperation with knowledge institutions and market parties.

U-Motor - scooter sharing

The concept of sharing economy and its applications have been spread internationally since long time ago. Combined with the green economy, two emerging forms of economic models create multiplier effect for a city’s development of smart applications. Taipei Smart City Project Management Office successfully matched the domestic innovative company, Wemo, and Taipei City Government to introduce U-Motor rental service.  It helps to reduce the holdings of private vehicles, encourages the use of green vehicles.