Eco-friendly Christmas lights in Budapest

Eco-friendly Christmas lights in Budapest

The Budapest Ornamental and Street Lighting Ltd. will light up Budapest's interior public spaces with new, environmentally friendly decorations from the first Sunday of Advent. The decorations are made largely from recyclable wood pellets and aluminium.

In previous years, strings of lights wrapped around trees on Andrássy Avenue and in the City Hall Park were used to create a Christmas atmosphere. However, the winding and unwinding of the lights caused damage to the trees, which were not very healthy anyway.

In the Városháza Park, 20 trees were decorated with red hearts, golden bells and ball ornaments, giving a total of 440 ornaments. On the stretch of Andrássy Avenue from Deák Square to Oktogon, 182 ornaments, some 60% of which were made entirely of organic materials, were stretched between 26 pairs of trees. The organic materials used for the ornaments at the two sites can be recycled or biodegradable at the end of their life cycle, thus reducing the ecological footprint of the capital.The total installed power of all ornaments at the sites is 8.5 kW, 40% less than in previous years.

In the redesigned Vörösmarty Square, coloured ribbon balls imitating Christmas tree ornaments were used to create a decorated Christmas tree. A total of 16 smaller, scaled-down versions of the ribbon ball ornaments previously found on the square's tall columns were displayed on the elliptical columns in the centre of the square and around the lion fountain.


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