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Smart Governance

Digital Hasuri

Hasuri Ausanpur village has 23 Wi-Fi hotspots and 23 CCTV cameras for its population of just over 1,000. It even has a website that features the GIS map of the entire village — agricultural land, grazing land, networks of roads and canals.

Smart bench in the Alps

Courmayeur Municipality and Secure Mountain Foundation co-operated to provide a ‘Smart Bench’ which was airlifted to an elevation of 8,645 feet to a mountain refuge stone hut called “La Casemate”. The Smart Bench communicates data and information to citizens and tourists about trails, people traffic in the immediate area, along with critical environmental conditions. This data will be used to validate when municipal employees or Secure Mountain Foundation volunteers should be deployed to the stone hut during times of peak visitations.

Chattanooga Smart Community Collaborative

CSCC collects data that can be analyzed to determine opportunities to support the community’s voiced concerns and improved quality of life. They are addressing issues like pedestrian safety, traffic flow, air quality, and near hits. Working with Oak Ridge National Lab, they have begun to develop a “digital twin” model that uses collected data to run real-life simulations. With this approach, they are able to test theories regarding particular interventions to see how those changes would likely play out on the streets.

Open Data Portal

Montréal considers that open data is central to attaining its objectives not only in matters of transparency and economic development, but also in meeting urban challenges. The city produces and uses data in its internal activities, as well as in the services it provides to its citizens. The more data is made public and shared with the community, the more it will be exploited to its full potential within Montréal’s booming ecosystem.

Open Data Plaza

Seoul has opened the Seoul Open Data Plaza (data.seoul. go.kr) in order to share Seoul’s public information with citizens in order to create diverse business opportunities for the private sector and to develop the IT industries. The plaza is an online channel to share and provide citizens with all of Seoul’s public data, such as real-time bus operation schedules, subway schedules, non-smoking areas, locations of public Wi-Fi services, shoeshine shops, and facilities for disabled people.


OpenSAFELY is a new secure analytics platform for electronic health records in the NHS, created to deliver urgent results during the global COVID-19 emergency. It is now successfully delivering analyses across more than 24 million patients’ full pseudonymised primary care NHS records, with more to follow shortly. Their analytic software is open for security review, scientific review, and re-use.

#DontGoViral Campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic is accompanied by an Infodemic, a spread of disinformation and misinformation making it difficult for people to find accurate information. To contribute to tackling this issue, UNESCO, in partnership with the Innovation for Policy Foundation (i4Policy), is launching an online campaign to crowdsource local openly licensed content to inform communities across Africa about COVID-19. The #DontGoViral campaign is designed to activate artists and cultural entrepreneurs across Africa.