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Smart Economy

SBIR (Small Busiensses, Innovation and Research Program)

Since SMEs constitute the backbone of Taiwanese industry, it was anticipated that this program would help to reduce the cost and risk of innovation and R&D for SMEs, thereby helping to stimulate these activities in the SME sector. Under Taiwan’s SBIR plan, SMEs can apply for subsidies covering up to 50% of the total cost of R&D. This government funding support helps to reduce the costs and the level of risk that SMEs must bear when engaging in innovation or R&D. By encouraging SMEs to undertake the development of new technologies and products.

“Do It in Barcelona” program

Bacelona City Council programme to attract talent. "Do it in Barcelona" offers personalised plans to implement activities in Barcelona successfully: Emprende: to create or develop a business. Trabaja: to explore professional career opportunities in Barcelona. Investiga: to develop research activities in Barcelona. Estudia: to take master or postgraduate studies in Barcelona. Instálate: support to settle in the city and look for accommodation and schools.

Bilbao Ekintza – development agency

In the city of Bilbao, support for entrepreneurs is channelled through the Local Development Agency. Some initiatives developed are: Day of the Entrepreneur. A yearly event of an informative, fun and social nature that recognises and rewards the work of entrepreneurs in Bilbao.  Learning become an entrepreneur. Programme aimed at schools in Bilbao to encourage entrepreneurship among younger people. This project proposes to find an idea and develop a business plan. A "Learning to become an Entrepreneur Idea Contest" is held every year. Explot Esperientzia.

Mideas (community financing business)

The Pannon Startup Foundation acts as the supervisory body of the mideas program. It aims to monitor the processes to ensure that the program’s goals are fulfilled. Its responsibility includes the protection of intellectual property that applicants share with mideas and what is guaranteed by Confidentiality Agreements furthermore it aims to preserve the ethical nature of the cooperation between founders and other stakeholders.

Helsinki Loves Developers

The benefits of open data cannot be realised unless the data is put into use. Cities of Helsinki Metropolitan Area provide an increasing amount of public data as open data. These cities are also engaging in open dialogue with the community in order to harness the potential of open data. Helsinki Loves Developers, Hel<3Dev, is one great concept to enhance open dialogue and developer cooperation. The idea of Hel<3Dev is to provide an open platform and meetups for discussion and co-creation.

Startup Eindhoven

STARTUP/Eindhoven is the business incubator of the TU/e. We aim to give starting entrepreneurs a soft landing in the market by providing everything you need to start and grow a business. On top of basic facilities such as a with good coffee and a printer, we have access to a large network of friends (business partners), seasoned coaches and the extensive knowledge base of the TU/e. Based on this network, we are able to offer training and coaching tailored to your specific needs, access to the markets you are targeting, and access to funding to accelerate your growth.

Health Lab

It aims to establish an environment which supports the creation and implementation of innovative care technologies. The program focuses on increased care efficiency, resulting in greater end-user independence. In Health-Lab care professionals, scientists and entrepreneurs work closely together with end-users in seeking solutions. The potential of  ICT based technologies plays an important role.

Ruta N incubation center

Route N is a corporation separate from Medellin’s Mayoralty. Government still has influence in the direction of Route N due to Mayor has a seat in its board of directors. However, this board is also composed by managers of other private, public and mixed companies like the Chamber of Commerce for Antioquia, the Private Competitiveness Council of Colombia, EAFIT University, Antioquia University, EPM (Medellin’s Public Enterprises) and Une (Medellin’s Telco).

NDSM – incubation center

Long ago, this area was all water. The NDSM story began in the nineteenth century with land that was sprayed in the IJ. For a century, ships were built here, at the largest shipyard in Amsterdam. Whole neighborhoods in North Amsterdam, including Tuindorp Oostzaan, were built to house the wharf employees. The district is closely interwoven with the industry. The Nederlandse Droogdok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij (Dutch Dock and Shipbuilding Company) went bankrupt in 1984 after a restart as NSM.