Bilbao Ekintza – development agency

Bilbao Ekintza – development agency

In the city of Bilbao, support for entrepreneurs is channelled through the Local Development Agency. Some initiatives developed are: Day of the Entrepreneur. A yearly event of an informative, fun and social nature that recognises and rewards the work of entrepreneurs in Bilbao.  Learning become an entrepreneur. Programme aimed at schools in Bilbao to encourage entrepreneurship among younger people. This project proposes to find an idea and develop a business plan. A "Learning to become an Entrepreneur Idea Contest" is held every year. Explot Esperientzia. Part of the "Learn to become an Entrepreneur' Programme, this initiative aims to spread the culture of entrepreneurship in schools in Bilbao to revive and promote creativity, identify ideas and projects that excite younger people and guide future initiatives.  Entrepreneurship in Bilbao. Entrepreneurship Initiative Contest aimed at all those who have a business‐building project in the city of Bilbao. Your New Company in the Neighborhood. Annual competition that recognises the effort and contribution of the companies promoted by Bilbao Ekintza to the economic and social regeneration of the neighborhoods of Bilbao La Vieja, San Francisco and Zabala. EKIN Entrepreneurship and talent community To enhance the generation of economic and business activity in Bilbao and its surroundings by creating spaces for action, connection and to meet to promote networking and professional communities, groups and companies.


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