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nonument 01 - McKeldin Fountain

The story of Baltimore’s McKeldin Fountain is an example of the escalating privatization of public spaces world-wide. In addition to being popular among local workers, tourists and residents from all over the City, the site is at a highly visible intersection in downtown Baltimore. This lead to the Square becoming an important site for protests, including Occupy Baltimore and Peoples Power Assembly. In 2013 the ACLU, on behalf of the Women In Black, won a civil suit naming McKeldin Square a model Free Speech Zone for Baltimore City’s public parks and Inner Habor.

Exploring Prague with a new 3D model application

IPR Prague released an application which helps to explore Prague in 3D from anywhere. Unlike Googlemaps and other programs, the application provides a wide range of detailed information about every building. The 3D model includes data on more than 200,000 buildings throughout the city. The application allows you to search by address; once an address is entered, the specified building is automatically highlighted on the map.

Exploring Dadaocheng using AR/VR

Taipei City Government co-worked with TAVAR and Chiang Wei-Shui Cultural Foundation to reproduce the scenery of 1920’s Taipei Dadaocheng district with virtual reality, augmented reality and other latest 3D experience technologies. The program gives audiences an understanding of Dadaocheng history. It uses innovative technologies to fuse with historical humanistic materials in order to allowing the audiences to approach and understand the contemporary background.

MobilGO - Digital Hungary

The MobilGO offers attractive and up-to-date information for guests visiting Hungary, leading to the destination they choose.
For the local population, there is always a handy application featuring useful Hungarian digital content that includes all businesses in the area, in one digital location.

Intelligent Way Assistant (Shows if you arrive at the destination in time)
Public Benefits (Tobacco Shops, ATM, Electric Charging Stations, Petrol Stations, Post Offices, MLS Trails, Drinking Stations, etc.)
Timetables (Shipping, Railroad & Slides)

Kyoto Guide ENA

The Kyoto Guide ENA is an artificial intelligence-driven city guided chatbot. ENA uses local data to provide the correct travel information in and around Kyoto. ENA gets up-to-date information on local attractions, restaurants, shops, or traffic timetables. You can also display the data on the map.

Strøget - The Predestrian Street

"Strøget" - The Pedestrian Street: When the volume of traffic increased in the beginning of the 60s - in the inner part of the old narrow streets - and the expanding shopping areas around central Copenhagen - as well as the sidewalks streets became more and more crowded with busy pedestrians - who was bumping into each other and blocking the way on the narrow pavements - Copenhagen’s City Council decided in 1962 - to establish a car free pedestrian zone from the westerly Town Hall Square to Kongens Nytorv (The Kings New Square) in the eastern part of the town called “Strøget” - which also i

Walk and feel Helsinki (touristic routes designated digitally)

In summer 2011, a new guiding concept for cruise tourists was piloted in Hernesaari, Helsinki. A guided route was built from the harbor to the city center. What made the route special, were the digital tags attached to the signposts - they allowed people to access mobile services. The purpose was to attract cruise passengers to get acquainted with the city of Helsinki. The guided path was ready during summer 2011. It ran through Telakkakatu and Bulevardi to Erottaja and take around thirty minutes to walk through. Both larger boards and smaller sign plates marked the way.

Interactive climbing

 It is powered by a solar panel that is attached to the backpack. Thanks to the GPS map application APE@MAP by Onyx Technologie OG, one can upload hiking maps with more than 30,000 suggestions of routes to one’s cell phone. In addition to measuring time, speed and altitude, the application offers the possibility to record and modify routes using the cell phone. Additionally, outdoor sports enthusiasts can mark where they found something particularly interesting on the route. The system is available for cell phones with the Android operating system.

Personalized museum tour (research project)

This research will give insight in the individual visitor journeys and preferences, so museums can optimally adapt its (digital) experience to their visitor needs. Each year, we see museums investing more in visitor engagement. A significant part of these investments are directed towards mobile interpretation, a powerful tool to reach audiences and connect with them. But what do we really know about visitor behavior and how our stories affect them? After the reopening in 2012 and more than a million visitors since, it is time to take this further.