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Smart Living

Megyer, the village for rent

The mayor of Megyer (the smallest village in Hungary) had an innovative idea to save the village from disappearing by renting the„whole” village for about 670 EUR/day, one can get control over 7 guesthouses, the town hall, the local stables, the animals, a classroom, a canteen, the farmlands.The tenant can also become deputy mayor and rename the streets. Runs as a cooperative(the owners of the cottages as members) and giving job to 8 more people.

North Hegyhát Micro-Regional Union

The municipalities, economic parners, institutions and NGOs of the municipalities of Alsómocsolád, Bikal, Mágocs, Mekényes, Nagyhajmás decided in 2014 to work out a joint development program that would enable the synergistic development of the 5 settlements. The North Hegyhát Micro-Regional Union was born from this initiative, which main goal is to establish long-term and well-grounded cooperation between local governments, companies, institutions and organizations within the micro-region. Moreover, the Union intends to create the first "Smart Area" of Hungary.

Smart City developments - Tata

As part of the Digital Prosperity Program (Digitális Jólét Program - DJP) 2.0, Tata is also one of the pilot programs for smart city developments. The city already reached the folllowing achievements: installation of electric car chargers, modernization of public lighting (LED lights), installation of EON rechargeable consumers, various smart tourism solutions (thematic walks or attractions with QR code) and energy upgrades in schools.

PocketGuide tour guide application

PocketGuide is the first application that works automatically and guides the user through the city by voice, just like a real tour guide. No more fiddling with small text on the screen! Throughout the tour users can record their experiences (photos, videos, personal commentary...etc) and, with just one click, create an amazing 3D video. Once  the tour is downloaded, the application can work in offline mode so there is no need to pay roaming charges. It has tours in more than 150 cities worldwide.

HelpyNet application

HelpyNet is an innovative free mobile application based relationship maintaining system, that solves every possible situation, be it an emergency, calling in a faulty device, or finding out about a local service.
HelpyNet not only contributes to the protection and wellbeing of the residents, but also makes two way communication possible between different institutes - like local governments, transportation companies, sport centers, or even touristic venues, or commercial centers/malls – and end users, in every situation.

Alsómocsolád - Future weaving programme

Alsómocsolád is a village in Baranya County, Hungary, its population is less than 400 people. Their vision is to transform Alsómocsolád to a friendly, liveable, traditional but innovative XII century township, with developing their local economy and increasing ther population. Their "Future Weaving" programme aims to reverse depopulation, they are looking for enthusiastic applicants who would like to live in the village, be an active part of the community and help to make the county life more comfortable.

nonument 01 - McKeldin Fountain

The story of Baltimore’s McKeldin Fountain is an example of the escalating privatization of public spaces world-wide. In addition to being popular among local workers, tourists and residents from all over the City, the site is at a highly visible intersection in downtown Baltimore. This lead to the Square becoming an important site for protests, including Occupy Baltimore and Peoples Power Assembly. In 2013 the ACLU, on behalf of the Women In Black, won a civil suit naming McKeldin Square a model Free Speech Zone for Baltimore City’s public parks and Inner Habor.

Exploring Prague with a new 3D model application

IPR Prague released an application which helps to explore Prague in 3D from anywhere. Unlike Googlemaps and other programs, the application provides a wide range of detailed information about every building. The 3D model includes data on more than 200,000 buildings throughout the city. The application allows you to search by address; once an address is entered, the specified building is automatically highlighted on the map.