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Smart People

Sunderland's digital transformation

Sunderland has won Digital Leaders UK's Smart City of the Year 2020 award.

Gaining recognition on a national scale as the UK’s fastest growing smart city with this eagerly awaited appearance in the DL100’s top spot, illustrates the advanced smart agenda and digital achievements from across Sunderland over the past year.

Outcomes and successes of the Smart City’s implementation to date, include:

Life by KaiOS

Life by KaiOS Technologies, an in-house educational app for KaiOS-powered smart feature phones, is available in Africa. KaiOS users in Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, and South Africa can now find the app available for download via the KaiStore, with more countries coming soon.

Desa Digital (Digital Village)

The Government of West Java is working to utilize more technology to improve its governance, public services, and the citizens’ life quality in Indonesia's most populous province. This is challenging as most West Java citizens live in predominantly rural areas—as many as 5,312 villages—and have limited access to technology; some even have no internet connection.

Will, the digital teacher

In conjunction with New Zealand’s leading AI company Soul Machines, Vector has created Will, a ‘digital teacher’ being trialled in its award-winning ‘Be Sustainable with Energy’ schools programme, which is offered free of charge to schools within Vector’s Auckland electricity network. The schools programme was launched in 2005 and has since educated more than 125,000 children about energy.


Helping professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health professionals) offer their free help to provide spiritual support to those in crisis, online or by phone. The profession of psychologist provides help through therapies, consultations, crisis interventions transferred to online spaces, and collects good practices to cope with the COVID-19 situation with an incredible amount of background work. The website contains several articles, texts, brochures, collections of ideas on the topic.


eKool is an easy-to-use information system where pupils, teachers, parents and school management can easily communicate and get information. eKool makes school information accessible for home, decreases teacher's and school manager's routine work and makes statistical data about school accessible to local government. Parents can get accurate information about their child's grades, notifications, attendances and homework. There are class and school forums where they can participate.

Library Parks

During the 1990s, Medellín was globally perceived as one of the most dangerous and violent cities in the world. Since then, the city has transformed socially, economically, and culturally. Library Parks aim to address Medellín’s inequality.  Fundamentally,  the  facilities are designed  to  get people, particularly youth,  off the streets.

IEEE Smart Village

IEEE Smart Village (ISV) has a unique approach to support the world’s energy-impoverished communities by providing a comprehensive solution combining renewable energy, community-based education, and entrepreneurial opportunities. ISV provides seed-funding to carefully selected community entrepreneurs based upon a credible business plan that will impact significant number of people with electricity, education and jobs. The Foundation had and still has successful projects from Nigera through Himalaya to Galapagos.


ENERGY@SCHOOL: energy optimization and behavioural change of Central European schools is a cooperation project. The Interreg    CENTRAL EUROPE Programme improves capacities  for  regional development in innovation,  carbon dioxide reduction, the protection of  natural  and  cultural  resources  as  well as transport and mobility. With a budget of 246m EUR, this EU cohesion policy programme supports public and private organisations to work together across Central Europe.