Airly - sensor-based air quality monitoring

Airly - sensor-based air quality monitoring

Airly provides the most advanced air quality monitoring. It is a complete, fully integrated system - from hardware to software. Through sensors, it is possible to collect, process and interpret data in real time. Airly sensors measure key components of air pollution, i.e. particulate matter and gases as well as temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. The solution is implemented by cities as one of the Smart City technologies. They help local governments, businesses and communities around the world locate sources of air pollution, plan and implement measures to improve air quality. Their solution is implemented in 40 countries around the world, providing air quality data to millions of people on all continents.

Airly main products are sensors that measure air quality. Measurements from the sensors are updated in real time every five minutes on Airly’s pollution map, along with the latest weather data - temperature, humidity, pressure and wind. In addition to the sensors, Airly customers have access to a mobile app, widget, MyAirly web map, customer dashboard, personalized reports and pollution forecast. Their own algorithm, based on artificial intelligence mechanisms, allows to forecast air quality for the next 24 hours with effectiveness reaching 95%. A customer analytics dashboard and API, allows Airly’s data to be integrated into external platforms and applications.



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