OOTT - smart home

OOTT - smart home

OOT Technologies Ltd. (OOTT) is a company dealing with the manufacturing of smart home hubs and the installation of home automation systems. Its smart home solutions enable customers to save energy and costs and make their homes more comfortable and safer. The wireless OOTT system offers compatibility with several smart home tools including Apple Homekit, Google Home and Alexa systems, too. The OOTT system is controllable through mobile apps, even with voice commands. It can be retrofitted without drilling into walls and making a mess, is compatible with various blind engines, heating controllers and air conditioning, and can even automate lighting any time.

The OOTT smart home hub uses an open source system, and uses a variety of wireless controllers of different standards. That is why the OOTT system can offer extraordinary flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of devices (blind engines, heating control, air-conditioning, other smart appliances, etc.). The community prepares the necessary interface software within days from launching a new appliance.