Hydroponic equipment

Hydroponic equipment

As a result of its research, the company have developed and created its own hydroponic equipment, which, beyond the advantages of hydroponic technology, can be rotated manually or automatically. This way, up to 25% less energy needs to be used for lighting than if it were illuminated on all sides. Due to the innovative design of the equipment, the size of the system can be adapted on demand. The cpmpany currently sells equipment one by one, as well as large systems by building several towers together. Future plans include the development of a production support system and a manipulator for these large systems. With their help, it is possible to grow crops even more efficiently, regardless of the local conditions and the weather.

Agricultural land is declining worldwide, but at the same time the population is in constant growth. Water scarcity is a serious problem, and agriculture contributes greatly to this. Since this production technology does not require land, it does not exhaust or pollute the soil, and it needs much less space – 4,200 plants can be grown in 72 square metres. Less water is needed for production, so it is much more efficient in water management compared to conventional agricultural production. Thanks to the fact that production can be done in urban areas, even in a cellar, room, greenhouse or container, where the market is located, the transport route is shortened, so the ecological footprint can be greatly reduced.